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  • Founded and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, in 2015 by designer duo Emeline Morellet and Stephen Smith, LES INCOMPÉTENTS is an independent fashion design studio whose purpose is to innovate by creating contemporary humanwear evoking vitality and originality. Here follows the philosophy their approach is based on.

    There are four stages to the competence spectrum:

    The first stage is the UNCONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCE (1). At this stage, individuals and organizations are unaware of their lack of skills and therefore do nothing to remedy the problem.

    Let’s skip the second stage for now and jump to the third one, the CONSCIOUS COMPETENCE (3). At this stage, individuals and organizations are lively and possess the ability to TAKE ACTION. Their level of focus and concentration to DO is at an all-time high, but the process of DOING is fastidious and leaves no space for creativity.

    The fourth stage and supposedly final stage of the spectrum is the UNCONSCIOUS COMPETENCE (4). This stage is perceived as the ‘Promised Land’.  Individuals and organizations accomplish easily; there is a comfort in DOING, complacency. DOING becomes an effortless routine, a recipe.

    We are LES INCOMPÉTENTS, and we choose to remain CONSCIOUSLY INCOMPETENT (2). We have no recipe, no routine. We are aware of our flaws and weaknesses, but choose NOT to confine to them. We will continuously work to progress and learn new ways of DOING!

    Photo credit: Cary Fagan